Wednesday, August 02, 2006

paulinho moska

it's another sleepless night while i'm trying to fall asleep listening to some music. my iTunes is playing my collection of brazilian numbers and i just listen to a voice that i really adore. it belongs to paulinho moska.

i really don't know much about his works, other than the fact that i enjoy listening to his voice on a few songs from the soundtrack of women on top (sabor da paixao). to me it's one of my top 5 favorite movie soundtracks (note: soundtracks, not movies). i haven't gotten tired of the entire album even after 6 years! tune to falsa baiana, nos bracos de isabel, sonho meu and cinzas, and tell me if you think his voice is incredibly soothing and sexy. i don't understand what the songs actually say (they may as well be sad and depressing), but for all i know his voice on these numbers just makes me think of a relaxed, happy, and carefree day. perhaps portuguese also adds to its allure...;) considering how much i love brazilian music and how extremely i romanticize brazil, i wonder why i have not attempted to learn portuguese!

so tonight... or actually... this morning.. i google paulinho moska. i try to find out more about his other works, but then i run into his collection of photos he had taken. i must say that that they are quite original. an artist with a beautiful voice and an edge for photography.

have a moska day!


lola said...

fotonya lucuw2! ada contoh lagunya tidaks? tak ngerti websitenya bahasa portugis... di ada ga yah.. hemmm...

amellie said...

hello.. makasih udah mampir yaks.. hehe salam dr bne.. :)

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