Thursday, August 24, 2006

india.arie @ paradiso, amsterdam

i greatly admire india arie's previous works, acoustic soul and voyage to india. i think her lyrics are so honest and genuine. in my opinion, her latest album testimony: vol. 1 love and relationship is her best work yet. i have been listening to it for almost a couple of months and i haven't gotten tired of it! i thought it would be nice to see her perform live (and acoustic!) sometime.

and... she came to amsterdam!

she began with a few numbers from her newest album and she was amazed that the audience could sing along to the songs that had just been released a couple of months ago. many times she just stopped singing and jumped joyfully, saying "i can't believe it...y'all know my songs already!"

she is a great storyteller through her music and it made her live performance so intimate. it is so nice to see an artist who really does not need to rely on anything else than her talent to sing and write music. wearing a dress that her mother made and minimal make up, she was still able to have a spectacular production!

a little, useless note: the day before the concert i was lucky enough to get a ticket to india.arie's sold out concert. when people were willing to bid (on marktplaats) 100 euros for a ticket, i got it for 22! yay! ;)

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