Friday, August 19, 2011

bali lovelies

seeing my friends' blogs (that they update regularly) always reminds me that i should update mine. so here's another attempt at it.

i just came back from a trip to bali. bali has always been my favourite places to go to, but this time it was even more special and memorable because i was there with 3 lovelies that i truly adore. so here's one snapshot of one of the many, many happy moments there.... <3 <3
me and two of the lovelies (the one more lovely took the picture)
@nammos beach club, karma kandara, ungasan, bali
photo taken by sz

watch this space for more pictures, or you can also go to my flickr


See Hear Say said... did you really blog? it's a miracle! good to see you here, BLOG MORE!!

Morenica said...

agree, blog more chare!

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