Thursday, October 04, 2007

in my bag... today

playing along with lola to display the things in our bags. so... these are the things i carried around today in one of my two bags (the other one being my laptop bag):

cellphone, hand lotion, ipod, wallet, coin pouch, make-up bag, TIME magazine - style &design edition(something i can read in a cab), notebook (to jot down things i don't want to forget), access card (to get into my hotel room), panadol (for midday migrane), business card case, antibacterial moist tissues, more access cards (to get into the building and the office).

ok... i think i carry too many things around....

1 comment:

jennifer said...

wow... it makes me feel that i need to clean up my bag :)yours is really neat and tidy (opposite of mine :p ) by the way.. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

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